Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rose of Sharon or Hibiscus Tree

The Rose of Sharon or Hibiscus is a very unique plant. It can be mistaken for a tree as it grows up to 15' high. This hedge-like plant can be pruned to any shape. It flowers for two full months in July and August in beautiful Red, Pink, White and Purple flowers. Makes a great privacy barrier or hedge. This plant is fairly drough tolerant, the leaves will droop to let you know if they need water. Very easy to take care of! Click here for even more info on the Rose of Sharon or hibiscus species. Stay tuned for some cool video's that I made in Google's Picasa!


  1. I love Rose of Sharon bushes! I have a bunch linging my back yard, some white, some dark pink. The only problems is, I want them to grow into a hedge, so I trim the long branches every fall, but they never seem to bush out at the bottom very well. Hmmmm.

  2. I wonder if "the Rose of Sharon" is a kind of hibiscus? Because for me, the hibiscus is another plant -a little tree-, and that flowers are "malvas". They grow in the countryside mostly, nad you don't need to take care of them at all. They are silvester here...
    I hope you can understand my english. It's a bit messy...:-)